3 Position Air Rifle

The main purpose of Three-Position Air Rifle competition is to foster good sportsmanship, the development of positive life skills and an enjoyable atmosphere for all participants. As a bonus, one or two may go on to achieve Olympic glory.

With several nations now promoting Sporter and Precision / Sporter Three-Position Air Rifle, for young shooters, it was included for the first time in a junior international match at Bisley in August 2006, when a total of 47 competitors took part.

Three-Position Rifle shooting is the most demanding and rewarding form of competitive rifle shooting. For both men and women rifle shooters, winning the Olympic Three Positions Rifle event [ 50 metres, using .22” rimfire (small bore) rifles] represents the pinnacle of shooting achievement.

In World and Continental Championships, there are events for small bore and big bore rifles. The big bore rifle events are shot at 300 metres, using high-powered rifles.Three-Position Air Rifle is based on the Olympic and International Three-Position rifle events so it has broad appeal, both to shooters who want an accessible recreational sport and to those who seek the supreme challenges of high-performance international competition.

Two different Three-Position Air Rifle equipment classes are available. Precision Air Rifle is modelled after Olympic-style shooting and allows the use of the specialized target air rifles and equipment, designed for use in Olympic and International Air Rifle Competition. Sporter Air Rifle (3P), as with the standing only event, is designed for new competitors or those who want to compete with a minimum of specialist equipment and expense.
In both classes - Precision Air Rifle (3P) &  Sporter Air Rifle (3P) competitors fire at a distance of 10 metres, at the Olympic Air Rifle target, in three different positions, prone, standing and kneeling.
Unlike small bore and big bore rifle shooting, which is only possible on specialist, and often remote, shooting ranges,

Three-Position Air Rifle provides young competitors with shooting opportunities that can be offered on a wide variety of easily accessible ranges. Safe and attractive, temporary or permanent, airgun ranges can be quickly and cheaply set up in almost any sports hall, community hall, scout hut, large classroom, barn or similar building.