Statistics ~

by collecting current statistics on shooter SAR performances it is possible to generate averages and therefore rankings on a national basis.

With thanks to Andrew Nimmo of Buxton we now have a database that is able to generate averages,

Averages ~ National Rankings

Data may be submitted to the database from 3 sources, these are colour coded within the stats ~

Postal Leagues
Club Based Assessment Shots

Competition ~

If the competition has dedicated classes
Enter them
Ensure you comply with SAR rules.
Send a copy of results to the SAR Manager.

If the competition does not have dedicated classes
Enter the appropriate class for your SAR average,
Request that the letters SAR are shown after your surname on any event doc's - inc. results
Ensure you comply with SAR rules.
Request that the event organiser endorse your scorecards "SAR" and sign as verification.
Send a copy of the results to the SAR Manager, if "SAR" is not shown enclose verified scorecards.

Postal Leagues ~

When shooting SAR in Postal Leagues all NSRA and individual leagues rules apply.

The following additional "Best Practice" is also recommended ~

League Organiser -
Accept entries in the normal manner.
Allocate shooters to divisions etc, as per your normal routine,
using SAR averages if shooter has both a precision and an SAR average
In all documentation add, after the shooters name , " (SAR) "  -  e.g. J.Bloggs (SAR).
Require the witness for shot cards to endorse SAR on the cards
and sign to confirm SAR rules complied with.

Shooters -
On initial entry declare you are shooting "Sporter Air Rifle".
Submit your SAR ave. for ranking purposes if you have both a precision and an SAR ave.
When shooting ask your witness to not only witness compliance with normal postal rules,
but also SAR rules, and then to endorse & sign all cards as SAR rules complied.
Send a copy of results to the SAR Manager.
("Good" or "Bad"  i.e. all are required to give a fair ongoing average)"

Problems, Questions or Queries - contact SAR manager

Club Based Assessment Shots ~

An assessment shot follows the same principles, and rules, as postal shots.

Assessment shots may be run by any club coach who has prior approval to do so for SAR Stats.

The number of cards to shot must be pre agreed between the coach and shooter, in multiples of 10 shots, it does not have to be the same for all shooters present.

Again as per postal once the first assessment shot is fired no sighters etc are allowed.

Cards should be witnessed and SAR endorsed as per postal league rules above.