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Within the various disciplines that make up shooting air weapons (pistols and rifles) events are held using internationally agreed rules. The reality of those rules is that once a beginner has learnt the basics of air rifle shooting then a need is perceived for a precision air rifle, and specialist clothing including jacket, trousers, boots, etc. Such perceptions do little to aid the recruitment of younger shooters because of the financial implications for individuals and also for clubs / youth organisations in terms of club kit that can be used by a number of members.

Fortunately Sporter Air Rifle (SAR) is designed for new competitors or those who want to compete with a minimum of equipment and expense. Shooters can make a start with basic equipment that is commonly available whilst at affordable prices and compete against fellow sporter shooters in classes existing at local, national and international events.

The equipment used in sporter class can also be used in precision class shooting. Shooters can choose to remain in sporter class or to move onto precision class, indeed equipment upgrades can be timed by the shooter to suit their individual needs.

In addition to the traditional air rifle classes shot in the standing position sporter shooters may also compete in three position shooting. Three-Position Rifle (3P) shooting is the most demanding and rewarding form of competitive rifle shooting with 3P Sporter Air Rifle competitors firing at a distance of 10 metres, at the Olympic Air Rifle target, in three different positions, prone, standing and kneeling. Shooting 3P with an air rifle gives shooters an excellent insight into the components of that discipline, and indeed there are now classes becoming available for those who shoot precision but wish to compete in 3P.

With several nations now promoting sporter (standing) and sporter / precision 3P air rifle, for young shooters, it was included for the first time - Standing only - in a domestic programme in May 2006, and both Standing and 3 P in the Junior International match at Bisley in August 2006.

The NSRA Rules and shooting conditions are based on the US National Standard Three-Position Air Rifle Rules, as published by the National Three-Position Air Rifle Council.

NSRA Standard Three-Position Air Rifle Rules & Shooting Conditions ~

1st Ed.      Published 2005
2nd Ed.     Published 1st May 2007
3rd Ed.      Published 20th Oct. 2007

or in precised form (NO substitute for checking rules though!!)

Sporter Air Rifle ~

before you compete, or indeed make purchases, study the full set of rules closely and seek advice / clarification on any points of uncertainty.

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In a Sporter Class event, all rifles and equipment in that event must comply with the Sporter Air Rifle Equipment Rules (Rules 4.2, 4.3 and 4.7).

4.2 Sporter Air Rifle
The Sporter Air Rifle is intended to be a low cost, entry-level rifle without specialized modifications.
Sporter Air Rifles must be .177 rifles with a conventional appearance and that comply with the following requirements: The rifle shall be of a production type, of conventional appearance, freely and readily available in GB.

  It shall be used without modification except: The fitting of “Gamo” (or other approved) aperture sights is permitted, where aperture sights are not supplied with the rifle, as original equip. Max weight: 3.5 kg Min trigger pull: 500 grams Calibre: 4.5 mm (0.177”) Sights: Iron sights (as issued or app'd type) Sight apertures: Non adjustable – but may be changeable Butt Plate: Adjustable for height only

4.2.4 Stock
The stock must have a conventional design and be symmetrically shaped (or nearly so) so that either a right or left-handed competitor can use it.
The stock may be adjustable in length and the cheek-piece may be adjustable in height.
The stock may have a vertically adjustable butt plate.
These adjustments (length of stock, vertical position of butt plate, height of cheek -piece) may be changed between positions within a competition.
The cheek-piece of a rifle that does not have an adjustable cheek-piece may be altered in height or
thickness by the addition of wood, cardboard, tape or other material or the cheek-piece may be cut
and a replacement cheek piece installed.
The cheek-piece surface may not be curved or anatomically formed.

4.2.8 Sights
Any type or make of iron sights, open or aperture, are permitted providing;
Sights may have vertical and horizontal adjustments only.
Simple non-adjustable interchangeable front sight apertures or inserts may be used in Sporter Air Rifle front sights. These may be of any shape.
An adjustable iris or adjustable aperture may not be used in the front or rear sight.

4.3.1 Clothing
Clothing and equipment for Sporter Air Rifle must comply with NSRA Rule 8.8:

8.8 CLOTHING A maximum of one loose fitting jacket and one sweatshirt or one loose fitting pullover and one sweatshirt or two loose fitting shirts or sweatshirts may be worn A light T-shirt or undershirt may be worn under the jacket, pullover and/or sweatshirts. Jackets, pullovers, shirts or sweatshirts may not be twisted or rolled or otherwise configured to provide additional layers of clothing thickness or to provide additional support for a position. Jackets, pullovers shirts or sweatshirts may not be tucked into the trousers (does not apply to the T-shirt or undershirt). Hooded sweatshirts may be worn, but the hood must be down A safety pin or button attached to the sling arm or shoulder is allowed to keep the sling from slipping down the arm. [see also 4.3.2 within rules ] Special shooting sweaters with additional or special pads are not permitted.
(Military issue or similar pullovers, with shoulder and elbow reinforcement are permitted.) One pair of ordinary sport or casual trousers or jeans or shorts is allowed. Trousers must not fit so tightly as to provide additional support.

8.8.5 Shoes Only normal low-cut, street-type or light athletic shoes are permitted. Shoes may not extend above the ankle and must have a flexible sole. Only one pair of shoes may be used and they must be a matched pair. Shooters may elect not to wear shoes in one or more positions.

8.8.6 Sling A shooting sling, which complies with, and is used in accordance with NSRA / ISSF Rules is allowed in Sporter Air Rifle events in the prone and kneeling positions The sling swivel may be adjusted between positions, but it may not be adjusted so that it contacts the hand or glove in the standing position.

8.8.7 Glove Any ordinary glove or shooting glove, which does nor extend more than 50mm above the wrist, is permitted. There is no thickness limitation for Sporter class gloves. The glove may not be so stiff or tight that it artificially supports or binds the wrist so that it cannot bend.

8.8.8 Kneeling Roll One kneeling roll which complies with, and is used in accordance with NSRA / ISSF Rules is allowed in Sporter Air Rifle events in the kneeling position.

8.8.9 Corrective Lenses and Eyeglasses Corrective lenses may be worn by the competitor, but may not be placed in the sights. Competitors may wear normal prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Not Allowed

Any rifles, devices, equipment, accessories or apparel that could give a competitor an advantage over others, that are not mentioned in these Rules or that are contrary to the spirit of these Rules are prohibited.

The use of any special devices, means or garments that immobilize, provide artificial support or unduly reduce the flexibility of the competitor’s legs, body or arms is prohibited.

No part of the front sight may extend beyond the apparent end of the barrel or barrel weight.
A longer barrel or barrel weight may not be used to extend the sight radius beyond the original sight radius of the rifle as provided by the manufacturer.

Corrective lenses may be worn by the competitor, but may not be placed in the sights.
An adjustable iris or adjustable aperture may not be used in the front or rear sight.
Telescopic sight systems, sights with corrective lenses, spirit levels, lenses, light filters and other
accessories fitted to sights are prohibited.

 Shooting jackets and special shooting trousers are not permitted.

 All types of high-top boots, including military issue or “combat” boots, commercial shooting boots or commercial low-cut shooting shoes are prohibited.

 Special shooting glasses made solely for use in target rifle or pistol shooting are not permitted in Sporter Class competition.

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